MKE Week 4 – The Feeling is the Answer

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As I write and complete this blog, some wonderful things have happened to me.

Things unexplainable to the layman who has not engaged himself or herself of being studious to the exercises pertained in the master keys.

I have started to manifest things that I never thought would ever be possible for more I was 4 weeks ago.

My faith has been built and I believe my neuropeptides are starting to be diluted from the negative solution starting to change to a more concentrated solution of positive neuropeptides that are starting to build the neurological neural pathways so that my peptides can emit the mostly positive peptides needed to manifest the reality in my life. The type of work that I do matches perfectly with serving people and being compensated by doing what I do serves and helps all people involved.

I’m in the sales position and I realize that I get some type of an emotional high when I’m able to help somebody with their disability needs.

And so, when I got that emotional high, I said there’s my feeling so then I would go down into my s*** and wait for that feeling the familiar feeling that I’ve already had I would play that out in my mind as if I was talking to new people to help.

So, at night I would go off the feeling before I went to bed and feel the feeling I actually I had before.

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  • By George, Edmondton, I think you’ve got it! Too bad, being the objective observer prevents that. LOL Still, just as true, though. Feeling that high is exactly why! 🙂

  • 🙂 sounds like a wonderful week for you Edmonton. I’m so glad things are happening for you i ways that stretch your previous (before MKE) imagination. Well done for committing to the exercises !

  • So glad you shared these victories in our tribe and here on your blog. Just a few weeks of simple exercises have shown the power! Great job!

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