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Remember those Tshirts that came out in the 90s that had a bunch of miscellaneous words, pictures, fading into the background, but when you concentrated & stared at it you could clearly see the word “FOCUS”. That was me until this week. Like looking at a complicated extended mathematical equation on a chalk board, that made no sense, I focused on the guidance being given by our leaders & looked at things, from a different perspective/angle & it ALL “clicked”. It’s what I have been following & repeating & doing the entire time I just couldn’t get things in order to focus on “THE MAIN THING, THAT’S THE MAIN THING” – Mr. Mark Januszewski

My daily guide & balance is my spirit. It’s existence is of pure energy directly from my creator. My energy this week was focused upon, given to those around me. At the end of every day I have emptied all of my energy by giving to others. In turn, I never allowed anything negative to take any energy from me. I was like an energy ninja. I was in my element all week 24/7….lazer focused….deflecting all negativity, staying the course of ALWAYS KEEPING MY PROMISES & BEING EVERYTHING I WILLED MYSELF TO BE, this week.

My 1st week in the 100% Club has been beyond amazing. My spirit is overflowing with pure joy & everlasting peace.


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  • THIS: “My 1st week in the 100% Club has been beyond amazing. My spirit is overflowing with pure joy & everlasting peace”…

    Made my day. Thank you! And congrats, Jake!

  • Sounds like you’re a good person, Jake, to have around when energy vampires are on the loose. LOL very glad things are starting to come together for you now. Great blog! 🙂

  • Great blog Jake, you are really getting it! Thanks for sharing, you help to make the way clear for others:)

  • Yes, this week is the week the puzzle pieces are starting to click for me too! I’ve already seen growth in you….so proud!

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