MKE Week 4 – Reticular Activator Engaged

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It’s been interesting, due to the MKE instruction, I’m now seeing some things that before I was unaware.

I’ve been making some connections with things in the past, and remembering doing some of what is being taught, not realizing their significance. Been looking and reviewing in my mind some of my past successes and having some epiphany moments, realizing that my self-talk, belief and emotion helped to manifest results.

When I signed up, wasn’t expecting this to be a journey of self-discovery. But, I’m invested, and motivated to make the gains needed to move forward.

Doing some analysis in my radio hobby, crunched some numbers and did some stats and comparisons this past year, I came to realize that I was in the top 1%. Over time, that caused me to have an identity shift. I found I liked being at the top, and now want to bring other areas (like my finances) up to the same level.

So, making headway on the world within….
But physically, not feeling well the past day. Wondering if it’s old programming from subconscious trying to push back to attempt to derail me and get me off track?

Also found it “interesting” that while I was writing this, my computer failed and shut down, causing me to have to rewrite half of it again. Coincidence or conspiracy?

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Passionate worshipper of God, loving husband to Terri, father to Stephanie, and grandfather to Justice. Music minister, entrepreneur, network marketer, guitarist, motorcyclist, amateur radio DXer, martial artist, photographer, telecom technician; previously career Air Force Master Sergeant (Comm and Intel.) Originally from Ohio, now is one of the “frozen chosen” of Alaska since 1987. A fun-loving encourager, enjoys empowering others!

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  • Great blog Mike! I often find that when things doesn’t turn out to be exactly as I expected, I get so much more out of it. When it comes to your computer I would like to quote Haanel: “The within is reflected in the without”. Maybe time to upgrade to a new computer (or a new Mike)? LOL

  • Great blog Mike. I feel excited for you that you are realising so much more than you expected. Keep on keeping on!

  • Perhaps it’s time to begin using Word or a program similar, Mike. Especially, when they are out to get ya. LOL Regarding your health, weren’t vaccinated, were you? LOL Great blog! 🙂

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