MKE Week 4 – Old Resistance, New Habits

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Struggling To Stay Organized…..Effective Time Management Is Still Somewhat New To Me. See Stuff I Don’t Necessarily Enjoy Doing,Or Isn’t My Natural Strengths, Things I Do Not Have An Inclination To Do Already, Just Not On My Radar…( Usually Responsible Tasks/ Activities That Will Benefit Me) I Resist Doing. Even Things I Do Enjoy Or Are Easy To Do, Yet Cause Me Great Anxiety….Not Sure Why?? Maybe It’s Just The Thought Of Doing Them That Causes The Anxiety, They Never Used To.

I Think This Is My Learned, Subconscious Resistance Showing Up As Procrastination, Indecision, Fear, And Being A Control Freak!!! Often For Years I’ve Stayed Too Busy, Or Angry, Or Depressed To Acknowledge The Real Work That Needed To Be Done…… The World Within.. As Much As I Love This Work And Completely Believe In It , I Still Deal With These Things. These Undesirable Qualities Still Exist Within My Being And Attempt To Occupy My Thoughts. ( Que The Sad Violin Music
Now…..Someone Hand Me A T..T…Tissue Please….)

What Is Happening Though Is That I Have Somehow ( Dual Thought) Been Able To Link Postive, Excited Feelings With Tasks I Am Still Learning To Enjoy (And Ones I Don’t Enjoy, Yet….) Stuff Like Planning, Time Management, Blogging, And Other Stuff That Seems Like “Tasks”. So Then Despite My Resistance, I Still Want To Do It….And If I Don’t Do It , I Think About It Until I Do, Do It!!

I Still Want To Consistently Take Action, I Want To Sacrifice My Weaknesses For Strengths!! I Want To Be All In!! Slowly And Gradually My Resistance Is Lowering And My New Habits Are Building!!!! F**K Yeah!!!!! Evidence Of New “Subby” TakeOver!!!! ( Now If I Could Just Link Feelings Of Awesomeness & Excitement With Lack Of Sleep, Being Annoyed………I’d Be Unstoppable!!!)

I Remain Excited And Grateful!! Unlocking The World Within With The Keys Of Habit!! Or Habits Are The Key To Unlocking The World Within!! So I Have So Much More To Tell You About Becoming Obsessed With Green Triangles And “Do It Now” & My Service Card   (And Lack Of Clear, Set Expectations), But Maybe We’ll Save That For Next Week. Until Then…. You Guys Are Forkin’ Awesome And I Love You!!!! Peace!!

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  • It sounds like you’re immersed in the program, Chris. Stay that way and you will not fail. Great blog! 🙂

  • Hey, Chris! You will be amazed at the transformation as you become more aware of the world within. The world without is a reflection of the world within, and as we become more aware of the world within, the world without changes. You’re doing great!!

  • Chris… so much HONESTY.
    Love your post.
    Just trust the process, and soon you master it!…
    I believe you are on your path…Looking forward to following your journey.

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