MKE Week 4 – Learning and Growing with Expectation

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My week was busy and eventful. I accomplished my daily goal tasks without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. I kept my good habits of readings and affirmations. I made the time and somehow, I had time to complete my job requirements at work with an increased energy. I dealt with difficult situations with confidence and strength, knowing that somehow there will be a solution or way provided. I have stayed with a positive outlook, facing challenges with the expectation that all will be well if I try and do my best with confidence, fearlessly. I know my inner strength and I am looking forward with great expectation of what each day will bring, for I know it will be positive and good no matter what the outcome. All will be well. I have observed more frequently the colored shapes associated with my PNN more frequently. I noticed them and it brings me joy inside knowing that I have the power inside to change things through my thinking and consistent good habits. I am looking forward to Week 5.

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  • Congratulations on being the observer and keeping a positive attitude creating new habits take time and discipline!

  • Thank you so much LaDonna for sharing your week’s journey.
    “staying positive’ and the trusting the “solutions is near at hand!” helpful thoughts t ponder xoxo

  • Great outlook on life LaDonna. You do have the power inside to change things through your thinking and consistent good habits.
    Lovely to feel your positivity.

  • It’s generally always better to look forward than backward, LaDonna…remembering the present moment is all we really have, of course. Great blog for Week #4! 🙂

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