MKE Week 4 – KMC Small Hinges Swing Big Doors…..

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Doors can symbolize many things, entry, blockage, peace, change, mystery, excitement, or discovery! In order to see what’s on the other side, we need to be able to open that door. Often our own blocks can be at levels that we are not aware, so the door won’t budge. As I progress with the daily MKE practices, I have had some mini breakthroughs reveal themselves and my excitement continues to grow. One thing I have struggled a bit with is the linking. Perhaps more time and intention with the exercises are needed. I know as I continue, the hinges will loosen and eventually the door will swing freely.

Awareness, focus, and consistency are the 3 keys to open the doors to the change I want to be. I found it interesting that this week’s Master Key exercise add on, was to eliminate anger, hatred, worry, jealousy, envy, sorrow, trouble, or disappointment of any kind. The only reason I list all of them is because I have had something in my life resurface in the middle of last week which was a trigger that I allowed to make me feel many of these emotions.

On the flipside, I was also at a Mastermind where the recurring theme was to do things that bring you peace (specifically in business). The above referenced incident was business related and has opened my eyes to realizing that what I’m currently doing simply doesn’t bring me peace. There have been frustrations and I know that part of the problem is a lack of skillset. The thing is, if I know this, WHY do I not put in the time to improve it?

This led me to realize that it is simply not a priority. In a sense, I refused to walk through the door that allows me to thrive and I’m not entirely sure why. But my actions, or lack thereof, would suggest this to be truth. Realizing this had me asking…..WHAT DO I TRULY WANT and how can I expect to achieve it?

It really came down to 2 things…..peace and liberty. I connected with a mentor of mine and he opened the door into specifically what he does and how it allows him to work & live in a way the brings him peace. The more he spoke, the more I realized that not only was this what I was looking for, but it also played to my strengths, something that was not happening before.

It’s going to take work and discipline to achieve what I ultimately want and to make the impact I want to make. I’m excited to see the changes in me and can’t wait to move farther along in this new venture. This time, the door brings change, mystery, excitement, discovery and with the right disciplined effort; peace!

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  • Insightful blog Dan! Bravo for engaging in the exercises and being willing to take an objective look. Like you shared, awareness is very important part of the journey. We are cheering you on Dan!

  • “I’m excited to see the changes in me and can’t wait to move farther along in this new venture” wonderful to hear Dan. There are lots of doors in life let them swing open freely.

  • Your struggles with negative emotions and knowing what you want will be resolved once your new blueprint is firmly in place. Great blog! 🙂

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