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The Master Key this week blew me away. I love the affirmation (revised) “I am what I will to be”. Whew, that is so POWERFUL. Funny thing is, I was aware of that before, but this week it just seemed to resonate with something deeper. OMG, you don’t suppose all this Master Key stuff is actually starting to work. I was awed by the entire lesson.

The exercises are becoming less of a burden and I even (oh no!) am starting to look forward to doing them. I wake up in the morning with a little more anticipation to meet the day. The old subby is still trying to make me quit, but he doesn’t seem to try quite as hard now.

So, this week I am applying the acid test. I am starting on a new business venture. In the past I was not always as successful as I wanted to be, or was capable of. Could it be I have a history of subby causing me to quit? Bad subby. Bad Bad. And don’t pout and start peeing on the carpet.

I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks how the business thing works out. Meanwhile, Happy Trails! (Hard to believe that song was covered by Van Halen, of all people, which by the way was written by Dale Evans.)

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  • Congratulations on your beautiful unfolding, Vance. Keep going and smack down that old blueprint! You’re on the path.

  • Thank you for sharing your journey, makes me more and more of a believer each time I read success like yours! I believe in you, you are already a success in believing in yourself and the master key process!

  • I totally love your revised version! I am adopting that!!! I can’t wait to hear how the business venture unfolds! You’ve got this!!!

  • Vance, I enjoyed your blog. ” “I am what I will to be”. Whew, that is so POWERFUL.”

  • Vance you have the key to your new business venture in your blog. “I am what I will to be.” Enjoy the journey!

  • Yes, Vance, it is starting to work because you are putting forth the effort. Congratulations!

  • Who would have thought Van Halen and Dale Evans have a connection. Good job, Vance, being one of the first to get your Week #4 blog published! 🙂

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