MKE Week 4 – I Got the Power

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Who am I? What is my purpose? Why I am here?

I have been asking this question myself for the longest time. When I was young, I was a chameleon. I shape, adjust, and shrank myself to fit into all different social groups. When I shape, adjust, and shrank, myself the fit does seem to work. It is like trying to squeeze a size 8.5 feet into a size 8 shoe. I can put my size 8.5 feet foot in a size 8 shoe, and it works for a while but doesn’t last.

As I grew up, I found & realize one of my best abilities is to share & empower people. I can get people to do their best work with confidence. So, maybe this is who I am? I am a person of empowerment.

However, as I grew up further, and work in the corporate world, I was majorly hurt when I share & empower a co-worker. When I share everything & empower my co-workers, they move up higher & higher on the corporate ladder, prestige, and salary. All the shares & empowerment which I freely pour out to my co-worker, they forget. Afterward, they started to tower over me. All of their challenges & failures, they point their finger & blame it all on me. I was angry, mad, and sad.

At that time, I chose to close down my heart. I became stingy. I had to protect myself from hurt & pain. Unknowns to me, I was losing power and my mind was becoming a selfish infantile mind.

The Source of All Good has given us the power to move mountains. He lives within me.

The secret of power is to give power. To give power, I need to have power. To have the power I have to be strong. To have power, I need to be in service. The power flows to the area which is needed. Give more, get more power. However, I am connected to the Universal Power (from the Source of All Good). Therefore, I am power and it manifests within me where it will do the best service to mankind.

I recognize that I have this power within and I declare I will assert myself to continue my recognition of power & confidence.

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  • Yes, Chad, the power of all good is within you. You’re free of the opinion of others. All that matters is what you think of you, and let me guess, that’s great! Just like this week 4 post! 🙂

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