MKE Week 4 – I Can Be What I Will to Be!

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This week I have focused in on utilizing my spiritual energy by channeling my thought energy into that DMP. I have a magic magnifying mind and if I choose to focus on elements of my life that displease me, that is what I will get more of. Happily the adverse is true and when I focus my attention onto gratitude and the Christina I intend to be, then the growth in that direction is in the works and I feel happier overall. The law of giving and receiving cards have been so helpful this week to direct my attention to what I have to offer in every interaction (no matter the brevity) and being in the dynamic flow is for sure the place to be for me.

By praying for good things to come to people, places, and systems that have perceived in the past a a disturbance, I have shifted not only to how I feel when I think about them, but interactions have improved and some of the perceived problems have evapoarated seemingly on their own.

I can be what I will to be…. so the question is what do I will to be? When considering this question in a sit, it comes to me what I am to be happy, joyous, and free as I believe my higher power wills me to be. The creating and revising of my DMP, reading the blue print builder, and gratefully giving of myself to those around me has aided in my feeling happy, joyous, and free this week.

I am grateful for upping the anty with the service card this week. It felt AMAZING completing my service to my future self, my clients that I get to serve, and to my family by submitting a packet to the Board of Behavioral Sciences to progress in my career and finally be free from some punitive consequences and limitations currently placed upon my license and practice.

I am so thankful to MKE for inspiring me with “do it now” and “I can be what I will to be” to focus the “I” and powerful spiritual thought energy into what I truly desire (to help others with liberty/freedom and grow spiritually)

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  • You can have your cake, and eat it, too, Christina! There’s nothing in this world that can be stopping you! 🙂

  • Super blog Christina! I love how you have applied the MKE principles, and how doing so is advancing you. Thanks for sharing!

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