MKE Week 4 – Getting in the Groove

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DMP not finalized. I feel good about my DMP, but still worried about having to rewrite my movie trailer version. I resolved to put the movie trailer on a blank index card. Then if the movie trailer needed to be modified, I would not have to rewrite the opposite side of the card. There is not a lot on the opposite side of the card; however, it takes time to rewrite both sides. A rewrite on both sides would not be an issue for one rewrite; however, it could save a fair amount of time with several modifications.

I am finding it easier to complete everything now. Remembering everything that is required is getting easier. I did start putting a colored shape on my hand near my watch, so every time I check the time, it reminds me to look for shapes and colors. It also, at times, reminds me of another task that needs completion. I guess some of it is becoming a habit too. Whatever the reason or reasons, everything is going smoother with less stress. So, I’m looking forward to next week.

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  • Keep up the positivity, John. It works when you focus only on that which you want and not on that which you do not want.

  • With Arlene, Dirk, and Wanda before me, I’m reminded my comments are now beginning to join those of a crowd, John. Look at your watch often, do you? Great blog #4! 🙂

  • That is wonderful to hear John “everything is going smoother with less stress” keep it up.

  • Love the idea about the colored shapes on the hand. I think I will swipe that. I notice that I have not been aware of them, unless I just looked at my MKE material.

  • Excellent John, you are forming good habits, I love it! It’s great that things are getting easier and less stressful.

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