MKE Week 4 – Did the Switch All of a Sudden Go On? And Viola, Shapes Everywhere?

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I don’t know about you, but I was struggling with the whole shapes thing: blue rectangle, red circle, etc. And I kept going through the motions when I would actually remember to look for the shapes. The MKE team would remind us through Marco Polo to remember the homework and look for these shapes. Still going through the motions, sigh.

The problem was that I would get so focused on what I was doing or the day that I would forget to look for the shapes. I would remember to do the other homework as I would go everywhere with the printouts of Scroll 1, the cards, etc. but this one… not so easy for my brain. To try and get a better handle on this process, I decided to grab a blue pen and draw the rectangle on my wrist the first week. I grabbed a red pen and drew a circle on my wrist. So, I drew both shapes the second week. I know, I know a bit strange. Okay, okay very strange but I needed help. I always had my wrist with me so I would see the shapes on there when I washed my hands, when I moved my wrist a certain way or in many other situations.

The first week looking for shapes was not so effective even with this strategy. Now during the second week viola! It seemed like the switch just turned on. I had to laugh when I saw on my dashboard camera lights in the shape of a blue rectangle and a red circle. I never noticed those small shapes/lights before and right next to each other. Right in front of me every time I got in my car! How the heck did I miss that? Now it’s like taking the red pill and not the blue pill in the Matrix movie…you can’t unsee it.

Do I sometimes still have to think about the processes and remind myself? Absolutely! We are still human. However, it is getting much easier. So, keep at it!

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  • Suzette, I love how you are so self directed to come up with these great ideas to enhance your MKE journey and also help others by sharing.

  • gosh your post made me quietly smile for you – seems it’s all about that wrist ! well done Suzette 🙂 may you enjoy a great MKE week with those shapes appearing everywhere ! #NothingLikeIt – believe 🙂

  • I LOVE that you shared this, Suzette… the exact thing happened for me when I first went through the Master Keys. AND… I also write things on my hand or wrist when I really want to remember. I’m guessing about your Color… I’ll let you tell me in a reply if you decide to.

  • I love this blog and how often the answer lay right within us or like in this case right in front of us…..

  • Awesome! I go stretches where I realize I haven’t noticed a shape and I panic, it’s nice to know I am not alone! I love the wrist tecnique, I am going to try it! THANKS!

  • I feel you Suzette, I am still not in tune with looking for shapes and colors. Although, yesterday I went shopping for apparel and realized last evening that I purchase items that represented all the colors: red, green, yellow and blue. I will implement your tricks for assistance.

  • Great post Suzette, you are doing great. I love your strategy for the shapes – good job!

  • Never thought of the red/blue pill phenomenon for it’s connection to the shapes. Good catch, Suzette! 🙂

  • Hi Suzette, what a great idea. I actually thought about doing exactly that a week ago, but the thought escaped me. Yes, I have had problems watching out for those shapes and colors, but now I have a blue rectangle on my left wrist and a red circle on my right wrist. Thanks so much for re-minding me and how cool that we had the same idea. And even better that I decided to come in here to discover your blog post. Best wishes and have lots of fun on the journey!

    PS. I will probably think of you when I wake up tomorrow and see my new wrist decorations. Awesome! 😀 <3

  • Wow, Suzette, “How the heck did I miss that?” yes it is so funny, you awakened! Keep moving forward and do whatever it takes for you to accomplish the tasks.

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