MKE Week 4 – Confessions of a Window Cleaner!

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So, the task I set myself was to clean the outside windows of the house – I hadn’t done it for months and the hot dry summer we had with many a Saharan plume hitting the UK left lots of fine dust to get rid of and not to mention the couple of windows that the birds singled out for bombing practice!

I told my wife about the task, and she promptly cleaned all the inside of the windows without breaking sweat which took her a couple of hours.

Of course, my task was much bigger and I needed the right tools for the job but I thought I would knock it out in a couple of hours too!

I read the task every day and checked the weather – it was going to be fine on Saturday, so I put that down as the day for it. Saturday afternoon came and after I had finished my tutoring I got straight out with the ladder, bucket of soapy water, kitchen roll, and Karcher window cleaner.

I was only just smart enough to work out that I needed to do the upper windows before the lower ones but not before I had done one lower side of the house first.

I was really pleased that my beautiful wife was out for the day as I was left to my own devices to just get on with the task – first hurdle, the Karcher ran out of charge and I couldn’t find the charger. I rang Kate but she didn’t know either she usually knows where everything is but not today!

Oh well quick trip into town for a squeegee blade and I couldn’t make my mind up which one would be best – the shop assistant was very good why don’t you get them all, try them out and laughed!

I chose 2 they were only a couple of quid each, but I was happy I had because one of them wasn’t good, however the little pink one was fabulous! I learnt later we already had one of those under the sink – under the sink, that’s not somewhere I go often!

I battled on with the windows – I had been given clear instructions to clean all the frames and remove the spider nests. Kate has a thing about spiders which only got worse when I told her that the indoor ones if they are thirsty at night, will suck saliva from the corner of your mouth! Science is my thing, but I still can’t seem to keep some of it to myself.

The windows were becoming my Nemesis – The red circle of the sun was setting, and I was only about halfway round and I couldn’t really see anymore if the glass was clean or not. I hadn’t banked on the difficulty of removing dried on bird love or the clingy spider nests.

Never mind I still had all day Sunday and Kate would be home soon anyway – best pack up for the day.

Sunday morning was lovely and sunny, so I got straight to work again on the task only 30 of the 47 windows left to do and the wonderful thing was I now had a professional on hand to give me suggestions – she was happy with the clean glass.

Not so happy with the cloths that I was using to dry off the frames – four of the soft black hand towels from the bathroom which worked so well.

I was told that my choice in the cloth department could have been better as well as enquiring how I made it through a day – well I think those were the words she said, something like that anyway.

6 hours later when I thought I had finished it was also pointed out that I had missed the Velux windows on the roof – I was very happy she pointed them out because they had been neglected and I wanted to do a complete task – dried on lichen meant the last 2 windows took another hour!

There were a few wonderful things that came out of this monster task as I had plenty of time to think about the MKE and my DMP.

Firstly, when I was running round the garden celebrating my success, I realised it wasn’t about the task it was about the fact that I had read it every day, had completed it, and set up connections that would help me get things done in the future and boy did that celebration feel good.

I hadn’t realised the significance of the task in the previous MKEs that I have been a part of. Its not about the task.

I can still feel the elation of completing the job.

Secondly, I now must change my DMP to include the money that means I can afford a window cleaner every time they need doing.

Finally, I could be happy that “I” was controlling my body and mind and that I could tap into that to achieve anything I wanted. It was a freeing moment, and I was starting to let go.

Roll on Sunday

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  • I enjoyed much reading your blog Paul! Thank you for sharing your adventure completing your service for the week. Great insights you got there!

  • Great post, Paul. It seems to me that you are spot on-the gold is in adopting the process of habit forming not the task itself. Excellent headline-Iook forward to more in your “confessions” series 🙂

  • Who would have thought window cleaning could be such an adventure, Paul. Your blog is twice as long as any I’ve read to date. Good job! 🙂

  • That’s awesome Paul! What a great story and it illustrates perfectly the MKE principles. Way to go!

  • I could picture you clearly as you went on to do what you set out to do, congratulations on getting it done.

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