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When I started MKE, I had no idea that the little daily exercises would compound like they have.

In week 1, I would sneak off to hide behind closed doors to read the MKE exercises out loud. I was a nervous wreck, worried I’d be judged or criticized by my family for “talking to myself” and I didn’t want to have to explain the exercises.

Yet here I am at the end of week 4. I’m proud of my growing self-confidence and now my doors at home are wide open. I read enthusiastically like I’m supposed to and I’m not afraid to let my children hear my written plan of action and the dreams I’m working towards.

It’s awesome to have my family around me as I go through this course and I encourage them to listen when I read aloud so they can soak up the material. I think it might be helping them shift their thinking too. They’ve joined me in some of the exercises like looking for the colored shapes or sitting still for 15 minutes. It feels like I have my own little alliance here at home now.

In the past, I’d often quit a program like this before I even got started… for lack of interest, lack of focus or not being organized. I had lots of bad habits and no idea how to replace them with good ones. I also thought I needed the support of other people as the reason to keep my commitments. I felt that if they did not have the same enthusiasm for something that I did, it validated that I should quit. More often than not, I’d walk away from something I wanted convinced that any excuse was a good excuse not to follow through. It’s heart-breaking that this was my thinking for many years.

I’m so proud of myself and the work I’ve done up until now. It’s the end of week 4 and I have made the commitment to see every task completed each day, which takes me to the part of MKE about promises. This part really excites me. I have made promises to myself and kept them. I’ve struggled with over-promising and under-delivering for years (probably because I’m a people-pleaser and I hate disappointing anyone by telling them no). The language on the index cards tells us to keep the promises we make and here I am again proving to myself that I’m able to count on me to finish what I said I would do.

As I write this, I reflect on how far I’ve come since week 1. What an amazing transformation.

Meet Sarah Krug

Sarah considers herself a creative free spirit who loves to live in the moment. She has a passion for knitting, making music, being her own boss and enjoys living on the coast of Southern NJ with her husband and 4 children.

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  • Sarah, your self-examination and awareness of what could change is profound. And you are changing! Thrilled of your family’s involvement, too.

  • You are leading the way, Sarah! Not only for you alliance at home, but also by sharing your insights with us. Powerful and wonderful blog!

  • Congratulations Sarah!! You are learning to be the objective observer and good on you for recognizing the growth you have experienced in just a short time. So happy for you that you are choosing to wrestle with past limiting beliefs and learn new ways of thinking. I too can relate to people pleasing/over-promising.I am very grateful for the MKE mental exercises- the more we practice, the easier it becomes- creating good habits we want. So thrilled for you and your family- I love how you said “it’s like I have my own little Alliance here at home now”. You are leading by example Sarah. We are all cheering you on!!

  • Congratulations Sarah, on the inside I am excited and jumping with joy to see you have enriched yourself with knowledge and success. ” I encourage them to listen when I read aloud so they can soak up the material.”

  • Sounds like you’ve created your own little master mind group right there in your home, Sarah. What a source of joyful delight to see your kids joining the process without any coaxing! Great, great blog! 🙂

  • Hi Sarah, First let me congratulate you on coming this far into the course. From your post, it sounds like you are making great progress chipping off the cement. You are doing great by including your family. I enjoyed your blog.

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