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Week 4 was the best week thus far! As everything we’ve begun to grow with is starting to bloom, just as the flower in the pic I posted this week.

The first few weeks provided a lot of stuff, and one could see that we were all going somewhere in our personal evolution. Then week four showed up and it intently and intensely began to complete the few parts of the puzzle that may have been missing.

It’s not what we are learning, but more what we are becoming! and that is simply put, the person that we knew we could be, but never had a true path or true direction on how to get there!

If that was all in only 4 weeks, it’s almost impossible to conceive what 26 weeks shall create within us! Yet, many of us can see that beginning to blossom now!

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  • Say, Andrew, I never knew that Andrew could be Drew. You see, kind sir, in my mind, the makeover’s already begun! The new you…and Drew, that person is you! 🙂

  • excited for you Drew & so glad that things are beginning to fill in ‘that puzzle’ for you

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