MKE Week 4 – Addicted to Feelings

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A great takeaway from this week was the idea that your body literally “craves” the certain feelings that it’s accustomed to feeling. An “angry person” is simply someone who is addicted to the “chemicals” of anger hormones. Recognize your addiction and break it just like you would any other bad habit. Replace it with a good one — i.e., positive feelings rather than negative ones. Law of Dual Thought: you can’t think angry things and happy things at the same time. Be deliberately about how you feel. Get re-addicted to BETTER feelings!

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  • Once we learn about the 7 mental laws. We have the option to choose what we really want. Thanks, Tom.

  • That’s great, Tom. That Law of Substitution is so helpful, and it really is just a shift in thinking. Good for you!

  • Well, Tom, that’s if uphill is the terrain, you’re without an umbrella, and it begins to rain! 🙂

  • The Law of Dual Thought. One of the 7 Mental Laws. Know them so well, you can say them in your sleep. Why try to get there on foot, when what you now have available is equivalent to a Jeep! 🙂

  • awesome to read your post. thank you for sharing…addicted to thoughts, the choice gets to be ours..

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