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MKE Week 5 – The effects of my thinking the cause of without

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We are what we think, our thoughts dictate the future ,our future dictates our reality. For the past created the present from that thought created and acted apon caused manifestation forces to create our present reality.So the great Joseph Murphy proclaims.

So many great teachings of Murphy, Hannel, Silva, Proctor, and Goddard, All seem to be pointing to the omnificent omnipresent power that lives within all of us.
So for able to manifest our own present reality,

One must follow the exercises with daily discipline and vigor. Without following the exercises the body will not be able to wean itself off the negative neuropeptides that the body is addicted to.

Slowly but surely by forming new habits we start to dilute the negative neuropeptides and now the positive neuropeptides begin to start to flood into the neuro channels to begin to create neuro networks building the new connective tissues that that start building new neural pathways that the that begins slowly but surely to create positive experiences attracting positive people which brings positive things into our lives.

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  • Great quote from Joseph Murphy!
    Well said & great points.
    I am slowly learning how to put these into my daily routines & practices.

  • Thank you Edmonton – I love your explanation and wish you a wonderful MKE week 🙂

  • Edmondton, “One must follow the exercises with daily discipline and vigor.” thank you for sharing.

  • Yes, Edmondton, staying true to the exercises is key, and, yes, understanding the science of how habits are formed is also key. I like this Week #5! 🙂

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