MKE Week 5 – Tell Me “What Do You Think”

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This week there were a lot added to help keep our focus on the goals that we want to achieve. Different ways of keeping our eyes on the prize. But at the same time keeping an attitude that will keep us moving forward. I believe attitude plays a larger role in success than anything else. But there’s no doubt, it takes more than a good attitude to get where you want to go. Opinions! Do you have one? Well, keep it to yourself [tough to do some times]. Bite your tongue if you need to, even if you end up with a bloody tongue, it may be worth it. Have you ever tried to not have an opinion? That’s not easy to do. At least not to start with. I think opinions can become a problem very easily. I think I will use “The law of substitution”. I can’t think of something positive and something negative at the same time.

Meet Rod Kotter

Rod grew up in Logan, Utah, and worked in the plumbing and heating company for five years after graduating high school.  He felt he needed to be more independent, so he built his own portable welding truck and moved to Wyoming.  There, he worked in the oil and natural gas industry for most of his life and enjoyed the challenging projects as they were always something new.  Rod has consistently advocated for natural health and helping people be healthy.  He is building a business from home in the wellness industry and feels he is now at the right place and time with the right products to help more people.  Through the MKE course, he is learning the skills and knowledge to take on business and personal life challenges.  

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  • Or maybe use the Law of Substitution for an empty thought and observe all around you… Thank you Rod.

  • Hey, Rod! If your mind can’t hold two thoughts at the same time, it sure makes sense to keep the positive thought instead of the negative one. Great post!@

  • “The law of substitution”. I can’t think of something positive and something negative at the same time.” Rod thank you for sharing.

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