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MKE Week 5 – Keep going no matter what

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Controlling the mind, happy place, observer, opinion, and love all in one week continues the path of self-discovery.

Week five is about to end and I feel more lost this week for I can’t seem to find myself!

What do I really want, who I am, I write and I feel as if someone is telling me, no that is not you try it again, you got it all wrong.

Controlling my mind to when I am happy is with our sons. All together in one place, which really isn’t the happiest of times during the times, I am picturing all of us together but the fact we are all together is what makes me happy?

Observer, I see many things around as we spent the week and most I observed I had a problem with stating my opinion all the time… wow not a great thing.

We were in the car my daughter-in-law said something I took a deep breath and said nothing and my son laughed and said I am proud of you mom you wanted to give your opinion and didn’t.

Wow, I did it, one time, so I did my best to keep my mouth shut and listened to the conversation as we drove around the rest of the day.

My mind can’t seem to sort everything out, thoughts fighting against each other.

Think this not that, act this way not that, be a better listener, don’t speak your mind, you can’t help others and be paid, you can’t continue if you don’t pay it forward and the list of what’s keeping me awake continues.

I am not a quitter, never have been never will be if I have any control over it.

I keep going no matter what.

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  • Wanda – you are my shining light in the blogs 🙂 🙂 thank you so much for sharing your MKE journey . Keep on taking those steps !

  • Great job Wanda. You are doing great, even if it feels like you are lost. Hang in there!

  • Wanda, you said it, “Keep going no matter what.” Eventually, everything falls into place. Thanks, Wanda, for commenting so frequently as if you are a Blog Rover, and for publishing your own blog ahead of time! 🙂

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