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Last week I’ve written about who am I as an observer, but this week I want to talk about the spiritual I.

If I am the observer as a human being, the spiritual I represents something else, do you agree?

You can call it your soul, if you will.. we all know that inspirit or inspire comes from the Latin word IN SPIRITU, which means from within.

If everyone is developing as a spiritual human being through the years, what is it then that makes you or me act very differently than all the others in our network of friends and relatives?

It’s the spirit within -in my philosophy- that we differentiate ourselves as creative souls in our daily choices and thus we create enlightened self interest in our lives, which is fine with me.

I know that for some of us, ego also plays a big role in life, so did we Edge God Out? What if we let go of our ego instead and follow our gut feelings? Believe is also a word that has different meanings to every individual.

I really believe that when we want to become more, we first have to give more, in service to others, without our ego, so that our real Spiritual I takes over and we do find our real uniqueness and purpose in this world.

Dare to listen carefully to the real you inside and you will find your bliss!

As God said the words to Moses: I Am That,…. I Am

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  • Thank you for sharing. Being of service and giving without expectations allows expansion within our hearts and our life.

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