MKE Week 5 – Busy and Overflowing With Blessings

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Liberty and Legacy
My week has been a roller coaster ride. There were sudden blessings which happened for me all at once like a domino effect.I wondered but was not stressed of how I was going handle the tasks that I needed to complete this week. I had prayed for a blessing and it came quickly and with force.

i found that my energy level maintained in order to complete the things that were assigned to me. I experienced workplace issues, got promoted on my job with more responsibilities which was given to me by surprise. I did the best I could. I continued with my daily readings and affirmations. It seemed as though while I was reading I would get interrupted with an issue or request while at work on my lunch hour. I somehow felt the calmness and thought of knowing that somehow all would be well. I through it all it was. I realize that I am my own unique individual. I used my gift of patience and calmness to concentrate and focus in order to make quick decisions. I know that if I am persistent and give my best all things will work out. I credit my belief in God and the MKE training solutions material to remain positive in all things and not allow my thoughts wonder in a negative situation. I wanted more time to complete specific tasks during week however I used the time that was given to me to prioritize the things that was needed to perform. I also focused on things that would fulfill me opposed to trying the meet the needs of others. The colors and shapes this week helped me to focus on my liberty and legacy. This was the fuel that gave me the energy to meet my daily tasks that were blessed to me. I handled it like a winner. I always keep my promises. LaDonna Jordon

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  • Great blog LaDonna!
    This journey is amazing & changing us everyday…..from the inside out. Congratulations on your positive focus!
    Have a blessed day!

  • It’s great to read that you are focusing on your positive traits. Stay with it, you’re doing great LaDonna.

  • This week is a testament to your persistence, LaDonna. Staying true to the exercises is a top priority. Good job getting your Week #5 published! 🙂

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