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So I spent Week 5 on a journey to see part of my DMP in person. I was supposed to be going to visit a granddaughter on her birthday October 26th but I got a bad sore throat the Sunday before. Monday was still bad and after I sat on a 3 hour conference call for work, I went back to bed and didn’t wake up until Tuesday morning.

After I made coffee and did my morning “homework”, I made the decision to not waste this time off. My dogs and I were gone 3 hours later, on the way to Chattanooga, TN. We kept going past the city until we stopped in Cleveland, TN and got a hotel for the next 3 nights. Only one person in the world knew where we were going in case of any emergency.

The only emergency ended up me being strong and not giving my opinion to people working at the hotel and rude people on their phones during breakfast. At lunch I asked total strangers if they like living here, what was the weather like in the winter, and their favorite thing to do. I needed their opinions to reinforce my dream of living back in TN again, only this time on the eastern side of the state.

My DMP shows my home is small enough so I can keep it clean and with a beautiful front porch. It is filled with swings, cozy chairs and plenty of pillows and blankets. It is where I read, study and meditate every day. I got to see a few places like that in my wanderings around the area. I even got to eat at a restaurant that serves Mexican, Italian and Greek food…………..the Mexican food was awesome! Next time I will try the others.

And there will be a next time because my DMP, my Movie Trailer, my Subby all know it is there.

The rest of my DMP I keep working on now because devoting 20 hours a week to studying, meditating, reading and living the MasterKey way is important. Lesson 5-9 rings the bell for me because I have built a dream home and every detail was worked on constantly. We lived in a 1 bedroom apartment to save up money and purchased appliances when they were on sale….those got stored in their boxes in the living room. I stained every piece of wood trim and all the doors and was so proud of myself. After two years of saving and hard work, we finally moved in and then life happened. We both worked at the same company and were being transferred from Arizona to California. I left after only living in that house for four months.

That time of my life is remembered fondly now and without pain. Today I work on the building and the remodeling of my mind. Thank you, Mr. Haanel.

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  • wow Debby, that’s a powerful life memory to illustrate what you’re doing now – “the building and the remodeling of your mind”. Hope you’re feeling much better now too !

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