MKE Week 5 – Acting In Ways I Do Not Comprehend

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Acting In Ways I Do Not Comprehend. This Has Been Occurring In My Life Lately More Often Than Not, As I Am Sure It Is With All Of You As Well. Admittedly, I Have Been Slow To Notice What’s Right In Front Of Me And Though I Still (Yes Still) Struggle To See The Boats, So To Speak, I Am More & More Noticing The Ripples And Putting The Dots Together. The Faith Is Growing Stronger Than The Cement Is Thick For This Particular Late Bloomer.

So From The Outside Looking In Most Of My Epiphanies & Revelations Seem Like Common Sense, And It’s Possible I Lack Common Sense, Very Possible. But For Me The Small Occurrences Are Hugh…. For Example How I’ve Been Showing Up Lately Has Improved Quite Significantly. I Am Noticeably More Upbeat & Energetic, Positive, Outgoing And Friendly. I Even Notice Myself Going Out Of My Way To Say Hi, Make A Joke , Or Initiate A Conversation With A Stranger. Small Things, But Definitely Not My Previous Norm.

Who Am I……..And What Have I Done With My Previous Brooding Personality?? Small Common Sense Things, But Previously Things I Didn’t Take The Time To Do. Even Lacking Proper Sleep It’s Been Much Easier To Remain Peaceful & Positive Instead Of Defaulting To Some Negative Feeling Because I Am Tired Or Lack Brain Chemicals Responsible For Not Being A Dick!!

Information Changes Situations, Rather Improves Situations Ideally. For Me This Was Simply Putting In The Search Box” Marriage With ADHD”, Wow!! Mind Officially Blown!!!!!!! 8 Years Worth Of Questions About My Crazy, Turbulent, Sometimes Toxic & Violet, Explosive Marriage Answered!!!

YouTube Video After YouTube Video I Listened To Speakers Like Gina Pera, Dr. Judy Ho, And Dr. Russel Barkley Explain Away The Dynamics Of My Marriage, My Wife’s Seemingly Crazy, Self-Centered, Irrational Behavior (All Totally Normal With ADHD As I’ve Recently Learned), And What Behaviors I Lend Myself To As The None ADHD Partner. I Learned That I Am Guilty Of “Over Helping” And “The Parent Trap”, She Consistently Demonstrates “Learned Helplessness”. Just Being Aware Of And Able To Identify These Behaviors And Situations Is A Much Needed, Long Overdue Quality Of Life Improvement!!

I Now Have A Toolbox To Better Manage Our Communication And Steadily Improve The Dynamics Of Our Marriage, Or At The Very Least Give Me An Awareness Of The Next Best Step……..Priceless. Alright Guys, It’s That Time Again……. Never Forget You’re Forkin’ Awesome And I Love You!! Peace

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  • Sounds like life at home can be unpredictable. Knowing something is coming, just not sure what. I’ll bet the MKE training helps keep mind and attitude in a better place. Hang in there.

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