MKE Week 15 – The (Not-So-Much) Strangest Secret

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This week I was happily amazed as I realized just how strong my subby is and wondered how much more would I have manifested my goals had I remained persistent over the years.

What do I mean by this? Well, I first came across Earl Nightengale’s “Strangest Secret” in 2016 in a previous MLM company (still have the CD!) and used to play it on loop while driving in my car. I loved the message, believed in it, but this student was not ready to absorb it to believe in MYSELF. And now here I am 7 years later and this gem comes across my path again. (Perhaps my subby didn’t forget after all!) Apparently there are lessons I have yet to learn and apply. Only this time, as I listen to Earl every morning for the next 30 days, I can now connect the dots from The Strangest Secret to what we have been learning in MKE and it’s so awesome! Permit me to share the correlations I have noticed:

Earl talks about “man’s search for himself”, aka Hero’s Journey, or as Og mentions in the Scroll Marked IV, “I am not on this earth by chance. I am here for a purpose, and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand.” My favorite book of all mentions that we are born “for such a time as this.” There are no accidents. Isn’t it amazing to think about how you were born at this time in history with the circumstances you were born into for a PURPOSE (DMP)! And now we get to bring it into fruition.

And what IS the strangest secret?? It’s the Law of Growth, or as Earl quoted: “We become what we think about.” Earl continues to support Emerson’s Laws by suggesting that we “replace negative thoughts with our goals and positive thoughts” aka the Law of Substitution. “Do more than you have to do,” aka The Law of Giving. He continues with encouraging us to have a “positive and cheerful outlook,” in other words the Law of Relaxation and also the mental diet with having a positive mental attitude.

Earl continues by saying “we MUST control our thinking (more Law of Substitution and Law of Dual Thought) and then reminds us that our limitations are self imposed (more cement Budda). We must “cut away the fetters and allow the mind to soar like it was designed to do”. (aka Og: I am nature’s greatest miracle. Bible: I am a child of child and am formed in His likeness.) Rather, we are to “think of your goal from all possible angles” the way Haanel suggests in Lesson 15 on insight, and to “act promptly and decisively when the course is clear” (aka DO IT NOW! Since knowledge does not apply itself.) “Ideas are worthless unless we act on them.”

“Don’t worry about the HOW. Just know where you are going. The answers will come to you. “ (in the sit). We are to “understand emotionally as well as intellectually.” (giving our thoughts vitality as we put emotion to them with ENTHUSIASM!).

Finally, Earl reminds us to “pay the price” (aka the sacrifices in our DMP’s), remain calm and cheerful as we work towards a life worth getting out of bed for. “No man can get rich himself unless he enriches others.”

Give more, get more….

Ask and it shall be given to you….
Seek and you will find….
Knock and the door will be open for you

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Stefanie is from SE Pennsylvania, a mother of three girls in college, who has a passion for helping women overcome their past and BECOME the women they were meant to be. She has a passion for health and wellness and loves spending time outdoors on the motorcycle with her fiance, Jake. Although a predominant Red who loves progress, Stefanie thinks of herself more as a "Purple" as she is almost as equally a Blue who values deep relationships with a splash of Yellow who loves to have fun, especially dancing!

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  • That’s great, Mike. I love how these tools keep coming across our paths as we need them, no matter how many times.

  • Thanks for sharing, Loriann! Isn’t it amazing how powerful our subby is?! Subby never forgets. And when the student is ready, the master will appear—-as many times as necessary! 😉

  • it’s so cool how things cross our path again – perhaps when they are needed, or when there is an openness to gaining more knowledge from them. i had just bought “the greatest salesman” a week before finding this course – subby? carma? destiny?

  • Great correlating of the material, Stefanie! I’m impressed! I also had exposure to “The Strangest Secret” at least six times in the past, since before 2013. (Since then, I started documenting all my reading in Goodreads so I can keep track of it.) Took the 30-day challenge, so I’m getting more exposure by the day… The listening loop sounds like a good idea.

  • Wow, Stefanie, this is a great blog post! You really have ‘connected the dots’ and brought it all into harmony!

  • Great blog Stefanie. Way to recognize the MKE principles throughout the material and mental exercises. Cheering you on!

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