MKE Week 15 – The Franklin Makeover!

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The Ben Franklin Makeover is brilliant! Where do I need to focus, how can I get better, which virtue can I focus on today, so I can bring out The Who and what I was meant to be? Who can I influence because of the work I’m doing here?

It has already been happening, the way people interact with me has been changing. One of my friends saw a post from me and texted me to give me a really nice compliment, we don’t even talk that often!

We are all in continuous, constant motion, that reminded me of a car driving with no breaks and at every fork in the road there needs to be a decision made quickly of which way to go, and keep going and going and going….

I am whole- created in His Image, perfect- and unique with gifts to bring and a story to tell, strong – the stamina to do what it takes, powerful,- beyond my own imagination, loving , greeting everyday and everyone with love in my heart, harmonious , with my surroundings and nature, and happy.. and healthy!

Life used to be a never ending series of reactions, but now I have the power to observe and choose the emotion I attach to any thought, again.. Liberating!!

A huge part of my DMP!

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  • The Franklin Makeover always makes me really look at things differently. I love it too

  • A powerful blog post Maria! I love the way you give life to “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, happy and healthy!”.

  • I love how you personalized the affirmation “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, happy and healthy!” Self directed thinking at its best!

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