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Last week was an interesting week.

On the day my six year old was sent home from school for hitting a girl in the face was not my happiest moment, however something unusual happened. I was emailed a video of this guy creating an 8 foot tall chocolate giraffe.

Now this email came from my mother whom I don’t talk to on a regular basis (another story at another time) and she said she wants one for her birthday. To say the least I got God chills. Like what does this mean?

So I had to look up Mark’s book to see what it was about. The story of Joey and the Giraffe is all about teaching character.

Although I know my son isn’t having trouble in school just from character issues I feel this was a sign to start focusing on his root beliefs and how people are around him everyday.

I know just by our continual interactions with others and how our household is run is sometimes disconcerting. We live with my father-in-law and he isn’t the easiest to live with. Often TJ will hear unkind things said and not always in the best tones of voice.

This all happened on kindness week as well so not a coincidence. I am grateful to be shaken to the core about how we are shaping this little mind and hopefully how we can be better.

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