MKE Week 15 – Several weeks of contrasts

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The holiday time has been very interesting. Seeing the old way of doing things and being around people/friends from the past and in contrast to being virtually around the MKE family. When I am around my old friends and family, I am so conscious of what I think, what I say and the patterns I tend to follow. How I feel gives me an idea in my body where I want to be versus where I don’t want to be. It is amazing how our body reminds us what feels good and what feels bad but somehow intellectually we disconnect ourselves from what we feel.

Humans have such an amazing capacity to disassociate ourselves from things that we perceive don’t serve us. Instead, we should take the time, stop and feel ourselves in our body. If we acknowledge that what we are thinking feels bad then take the time and change what we are thinking and in turn how we are feeling. Do the law of substitution and change how we feel in that moment. Or take a breath and change our state.

Do whatever it takes but feel good. Feeling good is worth it and each time we change our state we move one step closer to where we want to be. Sometimes this means reading what people are writing on their blogs and elsewhere on the MKE platform. Other times this means hearing what people are saying on the various ways people communicate. Sometimes it means putting the music and either dance or sing at the top of your lungs. No matter what you do keep the focused! Keep moving forward! And most importantly keep the habits going!

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  • You have sure come a long ways! Now being in MKE you are shining very bright like a diamond! It’s our time to shine amongst the stars and keep on moving forward!

  • feeling you keeping your habits going Suzette – you are a living demonstration of how powerful the “Law of Substitution” is

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