MKE Week 15 – Power Tools

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Just like many things in life, power can be used for good or for bad. The tools that accompany power are what allow it to have it’s strength & impact.

My MKE journey has shown me what tools I have. Many I didn’t even know I had or I had them but didn’t know how to use them. As I have learned these things I have also acquired “power” that has come with them, that I never knew I had. One has been the tool of silence. I never knew how powerful silence could be until I used it in the way God intended for me to.

I do know the power that I have behind my enthusiastic personality, but I didn’t know how to use it in the right way to help others. I didn’t know that my mind was so negatively programmed over the years because of who & what I allowed myself to be around. So with these discoveries & so many others I learned that I have been missing the power behind each tool because I didn’t know how or when to use them properly.

This knowledge has changed everything for me. It has removed the veil, it has pulled back the curtain, it has opened my eyes to all of these gifts. It has allowed me to see & feel things faster. To think deeper…..sooner & more thoroughly. It has created a positive sense of action & earnestly to “DO IT NOW!” like the Fabulous Davene repeated over & over while hitting her desk during the meeting.

Because of all of this, my sits, my time with God, my thoughts, my gratitude, my patience, my mind have all become moments of power that I have felt for the first time from within my core. I have been able to bring peace to my thoughts, my actions, my mind so quickly that I am learning to not waste my days with anger, worry, strife, fear or anything or anyone that is not positive. I have also learned to control this within me to not allow it to seen outside of me. WOW, has this been AMAZING…..not showing & revealing everything within me to everyone else. Many times I feel like an alien in my everyday life because I see & live so differently now, compared to the rest of the world.

The best part is that I am experiencing this life changing phenomenon with my best friend who is in MKE too. It has been the best blessing that God could ever give us both. Together we are learning, growing, changing & becoming so much more than we could possibly imagine. It is truly AMAZING!

My love for this MKE program & it’s creators & leaders grows more & deeper every week. I am grateful for everyone here & pray over all who make this place & company what it is & what it will become.

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  • “To control this within me to not allow to seen outside of me” is not standing in your truth. It is another version of cement. Let your golden child shine to all as you were intended. Radiate!

  • Well said honey! I am proud of all the changes I am seeing in you, and in US! So grateful for this program, it’s creators, and members!

  • Powerful blog Jake. Clearly you are doing the daily mental exercises and are experiencing the fruits of the mental labor. So thrilled for you!!

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