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Like most people, I suspect, I’ve taken the holiday to reflect on how much progress I’ve made since starting the MKE programme. There are so many examples, these are my highlights (so far):

I realised a couple of days ago that the phrase “I’ll do it later” has completely disappeared from my vocabulary. So many times, I’ve caught myself just “doing it now” that it makes me laugh. Clearly repeating that assertion so many times each day works wonders.

I also realised that I’ve come to accept that it’s OK for me to want things. This may seem a dumb comment to a lot of you, but I have never thought that I could put my needs/wants on a par with everybody else’s. They always came first, often to the total exclusion of me.

So, a splendid example. I’ve come to accept that I would really like to attend a regular networking meeting local to me, to build up some business relationships. The format I most enjoyed was 4N. I enjoyed it’s structure, informal approach, and the option to refer business if appropriate. Before MKE, I would have just moaned that there was no local group. However now, I’ve decided that’s what I want so I’ve contacted the guy responsible for 4N groups to ask how I can start one. I am very excited at the prospect of doing that and running a group.

You cannot imagine just how big a shift this is for me.

On the same theme, I took notice of the suggestion to set up a mastermind and contacted a fellow MKEer (cheers Paul) and that is without doubt the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Apart from changing my mornings completely, my productivity has shot up and I’m working on building my business like never before, with great results.

The sentence I’ve pulled across from the previous scroll is “I hear not those who weep and complain for their disease is contagious” and I’ve come to appreciate just how much energy is dragged out of me by interacting with people who are being negative. I’ve still to decide whether these relationships are worth persevering with.

I’ve become very confident around doing the MKE exercises with complete faith that I’ll get a massive pay-off. I can see how spotting different shapes and colours has built up a habit that I can now apply to spotting virtues.

There is, of course, the danger that if Mark et al. suggested walking across hot coals or something similar, I might do that without thinking but that’s a risk worth taking 😊.

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  • Awesome Allan, I love your example about the networking group – you have so much to offer, and now you are doing it!

  • Allan, the “hot coals” are out there, however, pay them no mind. #MKE offers a much better way, and you are obviously using it! 🙂

  • Bravo Allan!! Thanks for sharing the growth you have observed in yourself from engaging in the MKE. Way to lead by example. Cheering you on!

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