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Every now and then something sparks an idea and everything clicks for me. Maybe it’s the new year or maybe it’s just timing. After reading lesson 15 of Hannel I suddenly have become invigorated for a restart.

In Hannel’s lessons 15–30 through 15-35 he explains how to maximize the concept of Insight.

Hannel does a detailed explanation of how to use insight to achieve one’s goals. Thought I would share my interpretation of what Hannel writes. (15-31) Having insight is like being a human telescope able to see a situation from an eagle eye vantage point. (15-32) This prepares one to gracefully walk through any difficult situation, not only successfully but with relative ease. (15-33) Insight also enables us to plan, so that we are not distracted or have wasted effort. (15-34) Insight is absolutely essential for any great achievement. (15-35) How do we develop insight? It is developed in silence by concentration.

(15-36) The assignment for the week was to concentrate on insight. In this section, he makes it very clear that our actions are not governed by knowledge, but I HABIT. The assignment was formulating a definite program for applying this principle.

At that moment, fireworks went off in my heart!!! I HAVE A PLAN! It is all laid out for me (and all of us). That is the Master Key Experience and what this mastermind is all about! Gratitude filled my heart. I felt so blessed and thankful that this program is already put together! Thankful for the support, my guides Candy and Day; the enthusiastic teaching Mark, Davine, Lori, Jen, and Staff, and the many others part of MKE.

EXCITED, I just need to do the assignments. I can read, I can recite commands to my Subby, and I can create tools to remind my Subby what my goals are to lessen any resistance. Gosh, I can even trick my Subby that all this is FUN!


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  • Great connection, Terri! I expect as time goes on, you’ll also gain insights into needed specifics for aspects of your desired goals to move forward. Happy new year!

  • Great blog, Terri! Thanks for sharing! isn’t it wonderful when we have those “aha” moments and it all comes together?! Happy New Year! This will be the best one yet.

  • And we’re blessed, Terri, that you’ve followed the MKE plan, done the work until it’s no longer work, and savoring all the fruits that come whenever anyone reaches the stratospheric level you have! 🙂

  • Happy New Year Terri! Thanks for sharing your Insight (pun intended, lol!) with us. I really love your last paragraph – Yes indeed, declaring you can do the mental exercises and even have fun doing them! Bravo! #DoItNow.

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