MKE week 15 – I persist, I win!

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I’m stepping out of the shadows, coming out of the wood work and taking a deep breath. I am not sure if it was getting overwhelmed from being behind in work, the holidays or the mental effort I was trying to exert to accomplish things; but I began to rest. A mental rest knowing that the finite cannot inform the infinte; all I can do is believe for my desired end.

We have been given every tool possible to keep us chugging ahead; from the 7 day mental diet, affirmations like “I’m whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy,” to having a master mind alliance of a group people on the same journey and guides. I am so grateful because those things have kept me going.

I persist, I win!

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  • Well said, Donna! This is a life-long journey of self discovery. Persistence is key.

  • We are indeed Natures Greatest Miracle!

    Yes, we do have all the tools in our box, just pull it out as we require it….

  • Donna, I believe you’re at the top of the MKE hill, and the rest is “merrily. merrily; life is but a dream!” 🙂

  • Thank you for your post, Donna. I constantly have to remind myself to use the tools we’re learning to pull myself out of my old habits of putting myself down for my shortcomings. Thanks for the reminder!

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