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This week spoke with me – when I had to visualize the roller coaster, I no more felt excitement than fly. In fact, I started shaking and my stomach ached. This is what I feel every time I think of something to do with heights – or the fear of unknown. Its quite the physiological response.

My husband has NO fear of anything to do with heights. I never want to hold him back and always surprise him with tickets (single tickets only!) for things like skydiving, the CN Tower experience, bungee jumping and anything else I think he would love. Just the thought of it has brought me physical anxiety over the years.

After the CN Tower experience, he told me that after I continually expressed MY fear to him, he was actually nervous before it started. He got to the top and leaned out over the edge and said to himself “this is crazy, i’m NOT fearful”.

t was a learning moment for me – what we think about expands.

Although you’ll never find me jumping out of a plane unless it’s on fire (surprisingly I’m OK with ziplining – going across, not down), I have noticed that the longer I am in a line waiting for something I have not done before (ie. first time snow tubing / race car driving, etc,) …. it allows my brain to dwell on my fear and by the time I reach the front of the line, I’m a nervous wreck. Usually the fear is unfounded and I have a great time. It is proof that what we focus on expands!

I am completely OK if I make a last minute decision and then IMMEDIATELY take action – there is no time for the fear to rear its ugly head. This is another reason to DO IT NOW as opposed to putting off a ‘difficult’ task.

After today’s course, I will attempt to have my brain focus on me being EXCITED while I wait in a line. I’ll see if that makes a difference.

And, next time I pick up the phone to cold call, I’m going to be EXCITED to help out the person who answers.

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  • Excellent post Loriann, how we react to things really has to do with how we feel about it BEFORE we take the plunge doing it. Excitement is so much better than fear anytime.

  • Thank you. It makes me think of how important it is to accept whatever is there instead of resisting it.

  • Ty for taking us through your thought process of when you’ve faced these things/fears & how you & your husband have gone through it together. I know many people who feel the same about these extreme experiences & it makes sense that what we think about/focus on/dwell on, etc, grows. Our minds are so incredible & powerful & learning how to control it & override what we’ve have experienced or known is an amazing accomplishment. I have also enjoyed how much it frees us from so many things to allow us to grow, expand & change….for the better. I pray you continue to learn, grow & change for the better throughout the rest of your life.

  • Great blog Loriann! A simple and clear statement, yet so powerful! Whatever we feel, we have made the decision to give that feeling space in our system. Thank you for sharing your insights!

  • I love how you recognized that the “waiting” is what caused your anxiety and not the activity itself! You can use the tools we’ve learned and think positive thoughts when you are in those situations and create a better experience for yourself.

  • Reminds me of the evil wolf and the good wolf. Since they were fighting each other, the little girl asked her gram pa which wolf would win. He answered, “It depends upon which wolf you feed.” Loriann, congrats on being the first to submit your Week 15!

  • Great blog Loriann! I also love the fact that we can DECIDE to attach fear or excitement – so powerful. Thanks for sharing your perspective!

  • Wonderful blog! Isn’t it amazing to know that we can label the physiological responses our bodies have. Fear or excitement? I also love what you said about doing it now and not letting time linger to let your fear grow.

    Do it now! Do it now!
    I am excited! I am excited!

  • Don’t wait until next time you pick up the phone – start now. Write an affirmation about being excited to make calls and help people. Then by the time you make that call, the thought is already part of you and that fear part is smaller, shrinking every time you recite your new affirmation! Go, girl!

  • What a great post, Loriann! Excitement vs. fear vs. which one we feed grows! Thanks for such a great picture we can all see and learn from!

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