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The last 15 weeks have been the most incredible journey in my life. It hasn’t involved travel to luxurious physical locations, rather, it has been a journey to shift the way I understand myself. I has been a gradual progression on my way to becoming the dean of The University of Me.

Along my journey, I have experienced that perfection can truly be an impediment to progress, and instead embrace the demands of the process. It is through the overcoming blocks and challenges that we grow and become stronger. I have also learned the importance of being kind to myself in thought, words, and actions.

We all know that we are miracles. The human being, from a biological perspective, is unique and special. The challenge in life is to ensure that we live up to the full potential of our miracles every day.

I have experienced a significant miracle in my journey, that has caused me to shift my perspective on the journey. Simply put, I went from believing that I am a miracle and that I can tap into the universe’s miracles to knowing that I am a miracle and experiencing the miraculous.

The process I have engaged in over the last three months has required me to develop clarity on who I want to be, how I want to present myself to the world, and what I want to accomplish. This is not from a place of ego, but rather from a place of service. How so, There is a quote from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov that says, “The day you were born is the day G-d decided the world could not exist without you.” This means that we are all here to serve.

During my process, I distilled the picture of future events. Through exercises, I nurtured the image. The image materialized ahead of schedule as a validation of the journey. I no longer believe the process works, I know the process works. My only question is, did I dream too small?

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  • Hi Theo.. A suggestion would be to take the word want out of your clarity. Your inner self knows what you are here to do. Trust it and enjoy the journey.

  • Hello Theo, way to go in your discovery of who you are. I love your insights and thought process. Keep up the great work.

  • Wow, Theo! I’m thrilled for you about the growth you chronicle here and I love how you’ve expressed it all. I especially love “becoming the dean of The University of Me.” I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU that “belief” has become “knowing”!

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