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The continuation of my week 14 blog commences as follows and goes through week 15:
As I have continued to focus on the long-term and midterm things, the end results instead of the random obstacles that hit my path, everything continues to be presented with its own sort of resolve or it resolves almost on its own.

There came a particular obstacle that would in all actuality need me to do the one thing that I’ve never been able to, humbling myself enough to do it yet feeling humility in a way, asking someone for help with something! Yes, believe it or not, even that decade plus of being at the mercy of others and stuck in a lift chair and I couldn’t ask anyone for anything! And often should have! So this is really just more verifiable proof that the Master Key Experience (MKE) has indeed helped me to become a much better version of myself, because I asked someone for help! And they emphatically responded with an immediate YES!!! Then that was followed by multiple random things that also would’ve been resolve had I not asked! Yet, they likely wouldn’t have without the aforementioned coming to be first!

But the important points here are that not only has resolve appeared multiple times, but I’ve been able to ‘Ask and you shall receive’ and that asking thing is a Huge Huge step for me in my evolution into my new and best me!

Learning things that help everything become unified, learning how to be human, becoming a humble person and understanding that it’s not humility, learning that the focus on the end result of the future me is what and where my focus must remain, trusting in others in the MKE and Masterminding with so many others, finding blissful things, being grateful for so much more than even a grateful person like myself even knew were things to be grateful for, sharing things learned from MKE with others, being in a position that allows evolution, becoming my future me, creating new powerful habits to replace old not so good habits, reading much much more and often, truly being able to see God in others just as we’re supposed to as God created us in his image, loving all people, discovering the realities that we are able to create, and becoming the ultimate best version of our unique and rare selves are only a few of the things that are ever present or becoming ever present since this session of the MKE commenced only 15 weeks ago!

I can’t think of any other place or thing in my lifetime that had or has brought so much so fast into my life and my world!

I know this blog post is a little different than my norm, but it seemed to be exactly what I needed to write this week!

Until we meet again,
Live well,
Be well,
And Do well.

Rev Drew Timm

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  • “I can’t think of any other place or thing in my lifetime that had or has brought so much so fast into my life and my world!” – you did the work Drew ! – so happy to read about what’s unfolding for you – congratulations 🙂

  • Sooooooooooooooooo TRUE!

    Word of Wisdom!!!

    Love it … allow it flow as it is meant to be…

  • I believe you were ready and going to trust the process and you did!

    Thank you for being vulnerable and open, keep it up you are an example of what many seek to become….

  • When I had my first cancer surgery in 2004, my pastor was one of 14 friends with my husband in the waiting room. We were in the midst of a remodel at home, and had two teenagers, 18 and 16. My husband was lamenting to our pastor regarding the chaos awaiting us at home with the construction and our pastor said, “Let these people who have offered to help you – help you! Otherwise, you are taking their blessing from them.” We have never forgotten that! As we were always the ones helping others, we didn’t want to be on the receiving end, but as we know, it is the FLOW of giving and receiving. We can’t interrupt the flow!

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