MKE Week 11 – Self Awareness, A New Intelligence?

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Self-Awareness, A New Intelligence?

I had a surprising aha moment this morning. I have probably listened to the Earl Nightingale YouTube, The Strangest Secret at least two or three times now.

The way I fit things into my schedule is that I listen to things like YouTube, podcasts, motivational talks, and sermons, while I’m driving, cleaning, or cooking, basically doing other things. For the most part, unless I’m having to learn something in detail it doesn’t matter to me if I absorb all the material or not. If it appears to be important, I will circle back around and relisten and take notes.

Back to The Strangest Secret, this morning while I was putting on my makeup, and getting ready for the day, I listened to The Strangest Secret again. Probably the 4th time so far. What surprised me was my awareness of the lists he was giving out on what to do for the 30-day challenge. I am not sure why this didn’t cause me to pause sooner, I am embarrassed to say I didn’t really consciously hear the list or the 30-day challenge.

I can make up a lot of excuses for why I didn’t take this 30-day challenge seriously. As hard as it is to admit, the truth is I wasn’t fully conscious of the challenge being given. Obviously heard this audibly. Maybe I was thinking about the car in front of me or was distracted by my daughter asking me a question. I am sure it was a great reason for not hearing the challenge; however, I wonder what else I’ve missed as a result of my passively listening to the information.

I think I delude myself into thinking that I am more present every day than I am. Do I really listen to the instructions being given while I am watching a DYI for “How To” videos? How present am I when I call a business and I’m listening to the automatic recordings; do I respond accurately? One thing is for sure, I INTEND TO BE FULLY PRESENT moving forward. Today I begin a new habit.

In this moment, I’m just thankful that I had this personal awareness and that I can move forward receiving more of what God has given me. Live, Learn, and Grow!

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  • Congrats on your insight Terri. Appreciating the gift of the Present and being fully engaged in the Now. Enjoy!

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