MKE Week 11 – Who Is The Master Teacher?

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I Was Taking Down The Find Your Purpose Part 1 Replay When Lori Said Something That Caught My Attention, She Said “ Ask Your Master Teacher”. “Who Is The Or My Master Teacher?” I Thought To Myself, And How Do We Find Them? Is It My Highest Self? My Future Self? My Ancestors Maybe? Myself From A Past Life, Past Life Self? Or Maybe It’s Answer D) All Of The Above. Is It A Transparent, Humanoid, LightBody Form Of My Collective Subconscious??? Hmmmmm???

I Am Intrigued. What Does This Term Actually Mean?? Just Like It Sounds, I’m Guessing. How Do We Access Them/ Her/Him? Are They Even Accessible? Can I Call Them? From What I Understand I/ We Can Call Upon Them. How Exactly?? Maybe They Are Ever Present And Waiting To Establish Contact With Us?? Perhaps We Have To Develop A Certain Level Of Mental/Spiritual Awareness As Well As The Physical Brain Cells( Ouch!! Growing Brain Cells Is Somewhat Painful For Me) Faith, And Belief In Order To Even Recognize Them, Their Presence, Or Attempts To Contact Us?? Not Sure Exactly, But That’s Kind Of What It Feels Like.

I Once Heard This Term Used To Refer To God, The Creator Or As The Freemason’s Say “The Great Architect”. Then I Heard It Used To Refer To One Or More Beings/Entities Existing In Our Vast Subconscious Which May Be Called Upon To Assist In Problem Solving/ Solution Creating , Upon The Condition Of One Evolving Their Consciousness & Developing “Right Thinking”. Apparently These Entities, Perhaps Angels Or Demon Are Actually Specific Areas Of Our Own Subconscious Mind…..?? Depends Entirely Upon One’s Pre-Existing Belief System………I…..Guess??

Well It Seems To Occur During The “SIT” Or Meditation , Creative Visualization, Theta State From My Understanding. I Once Read A Book About Tibetan Mysticism . In It The Author Refers To A Practice Of Visualizing Your Guru……. So Much So…….To The Point Where You Cannot Un-Visualize Them. They Are Supposed To Constantly Follow You Behind Your Right Or Left Shoulder, I Don’t Remember Exactly Which. In One Account The Author Was Doing This Practice During A Retreat At A Campsite Among Other People. During The Following Weeks Other Members Of The Camp Reported Seeing A Mysterious “New” Member Of The Camp Just Walking By Or Hanging Around. I Think One Person May Have Even Bumped Into The “New” Member Passing Each Other In A Makeshift Corridor Between Tents. C-R-AZY Huh? “ Oh Don’t Mind Him, That’s Just My Imaginary Master Teacher Whom You Can Also

So Have You Met Your Master Teacher Yet? I Have Not. All In Good Time I Suppose. If I Persist I Will Win And So Will You!! You Guys Are All Forkin’ Awesome And I Love You!!Peace!!

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  • Chris, your persistence is stronger than any resistance. I agree with Wes. Just keep looking! 🙂

  • Chris, your blog is incredible, and I love the way you tie in various means for the unseen Master. Whether subconscious, heartfelt or overlooked, it is still up to each individual to find it for themselves. To see it, one must be aware of looking for it. You’re definitely on the right path.

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