MKE Week 11 – What is the meaning you are giving?

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These days have especially brought their own challenges for my family and for myself. How do I handle these challenges as they come up? Do I let them take me down? Or do I stay the course? It hasn’t been an easy process but with the support of the various people in MKE these challenges have reminded me that I could revert back to my old pattern or handle this in a different way. It is so important to look at people around you, who lead by example, listen and learn from the lessons they provide. Or to take a moment in relish their wins and lovely inspiring stories as those things can help. Doing that, in the moment, removes us from the thing that holds us back.

Sometimes just staying put is better than moving backwards. As well, reaching out for help from your trusted ones, and being vulnerable, is all right and can be a beautiful thing. This process is also a learning scenario. The most important thing is not to let these adversities take you out but to take time to figure out how to get through it. We are human being with feelings and reactions however staying in those negative moments long-term that take you out is not a good thing. As people say “Nothing has meaning but the meaning you give it” so take the time to understand, experience and when you can, move on.

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  • Yes, Suzette, you got this! It is beautiful thing when we can acknowledge the challenges in our life journey and face them in spite of pain and efforts it takes us to get through and press on forward. Yes, the vulnerability is in fact beautiful even though it is painful. Thank you for your persistence!

  • Suzette, as you’ve mentioned in your post, keep reaching out for help from your trusted ones, and remember that being vulnerable, is all right and can be a beautiful thing.
    Also remember you make the decision what meaning you give to what – how powerful and magical is that?:)
    Hope you’ve enjoyed a wonderful MKE week 🙂

  • Suzette, thank you for trusting the process and trusting us… You have come a long ways and believing in yourself and letting go of many things, especially having “control” all the time… is so much more simpler than we sometimes make it out to be…. Continue blogging, your doing great!

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