MKE Week 11 – The Unsquelching

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I see now that my chosen image is the back of a woman’s head.
I thought it was Chewbacca.

Makes for an interesting exercise in perspective.

Which brings about these past few weeks for me.

While the truth is I had been having a challenging time processing a personal loss of someone, I used the so-called “spiral downward” as an excuse to settle into mediocrity and be squelched.

Really, all I was doing was affirming my neuropeptic addictions.

Thankfully, Mark interrupted that pattern during my share on the call this past week.
Nancy did the same thing during our Tribe’s Zoom call last night, ha!

So this week I focused on what I wanted to do.
I got 7 leads within 4 days, sent out 7 informational videos and conducted 3 followups.

I also reached out to a potential Mastermind Partner just now, who says it’s doable.

I’m also strengthening a relationship with someone I met on Telegram, who is a part of another Mastermind Alliance to which I belong.

There’s a light sense of being these days.
And I’m looking forward to submitting my newest revision of my DMP.

Foreward Ho!

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  • Having that compass in mind so you can bring your focus back to your goal. It sounds like you achieved that and added some good to it.

  • I have always had faith you can be more success and this work is coming together as living proof!

  • Hi Khush, I have missed you for the past couple of weeks. So glad to see you this week. It’s good that you recognize the need to keep focused. You are doing great.

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