MKE Week 11 – The Ripple Effect

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This was my absolutely favourite lesson. I am a visual learner, so every time there is a video included in the lesson, it always resonates. And here’s this week’s stream of consciousness:

This week’s video of D.J Gregory brought tears to my eyes for a number of reasons:

1. my problems/issues/concerns/stresses are so small compared to others. To see the strength of D.J. and others who don’t let anything get in their way and who overcome their adversities with grace and determination is so motivating.

2. D.J did not let others dictate his success of completing his DMP. I have previously let others on the other side of a cold call ruin my day, or lead to a fear of picking up the phone. I’ve since learnt that ‘I will not let others affect my income or my life.’ It puts things into perspective seeing others live by this rule.

2. it really made me think about the greater reach of achieving our DMP. Not only did D.J do what he set out to do for himself, he has inspired and touched the lives of the players, his family and the public. He was the 5th recipient of the PGA Courage Award this past February and he’s not a PGA Tour member! That’s pretty cool. Who will I positively affect by living my DMP?

Until next week……

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  • Great post Loriann. It is amazing to watch others overcome challenges much bigger than our own. I am sure that your DMP will have a positive affect on others, it will be interesting to find out just who that will be.

  • I love that story too! It’s so inspiring, as your blog as well. Thank you for sharing Loriann!

  • Great share and such a powerful story to keep in our hearts and propel us to our true purpose and calling. Thank you!

  • Excellent blog post, thanks for sharing your perspective. When I meet a challenge, I also like to think about others who have done something outstanding and have faced far greater challenges. Then I think ‘so what’s my excuse?’

  • Great points! Thinking of our DMP’s as bigger than us helps us persevere to achieve it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Your last sentence, “Who will I positively affect by living my DMP?” is a new perspective for me to consider. Thank you!

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