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Well Well Well!! This MKE is unlike anything out there when it comes to personal growth and development!

It is so true that for years, I’d listen to the Tony Robbins’s of the industry and be so pumped up and then left with a sort of blank slate of how to move forward? I would even do the income producing activities, but it was lackluster.

This course, has, and is giving me the tools I need to take necessary actions to break out of my comfort zone without even realizing all I’m learning by doing the homework! Mark J put it all together this week by spelling out all we’ve done so far!

Starting with 1- The Desire, this through our DMP’s, is the start of everything, 2nd, Our Service Card being our Plan of Action, & The Mastermind with the group in so many ways. No stone left unturned and we still have 3 months to go!

And lastly, Thoughts, how powerful are they?! Realizing those thoughts are what got us to where we are now, and today excited that we get to break out of our old thought patterns, retrain our brains & become all we are meant to be! Closing out all negativity to focus on a positive mental attitude is liberating!

Being my second time with MKE it’s so cool all the new Ah-ah moments that come together!

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  • Maria, Thanks for this exciting reminder! MKE really does give us the tools we need to walk away and do US! We just need to do the work. So grateful to to working on my thoughts.

  • Understanding our thoughts create our reality is important! If our reality isn’t what we really want, then we have to take a look at what we’ve been thinking about.

  • As you know, I’ve been to TR events and even crewed them. They are powerful live events. MKE is powerful in its own right. Thank you for recommending MKE to me.

  • Your energy that shines thru your blog is truly contagious Maria! Thank you so much for sharing your Hero’s Journey with us.

  • I’ve noticed from your blogging, Maria, how much you get it. So much so, knowing this is your second year, I thought for sure you must be a guide. After Davene set me straight, cannot erase the thought that if you do decide to be a guide, it would be great! 😉

  • You are doing the mental work friend! Thrilled for you. So glad you seeing the benefits from applying the skills to your everyday life. Cheering you on!

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