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It is interesting to become aware, on a personal level, how distracted we, as humans can become. We have big dreams and then, we become convinced that there is a quick and easy path, or this path, or that, is better for us than following our hearts. And yet, if we listen to others, we bypass the most important thing, our own focus on the main thing, our hero’s journey.

I know for certain that each of us has come to this planet with a divine seedling of a gift to share. If we do not share this, then something goes missing, and yet all things find harmony. However, my pondering this week takes me to a combination of our readings, both Charles Haanel, and Og Mandeno.

We learn in Master Key part 11 about living and breathing in faith. In line 25 we are reminded of what the definition is of faith and that when we are truly praying and living in this faith, there is no question. We know with great certainty that what we are praying is already fulfilled!

I have studied the Bible for years and understood this, but only applied it to spiritual things. It was like I had separate rooms that certain things applied, depending on the room I was in. However, this is a false assumption. And slowing down, and sitting in thought this week has allowed me to be open to this in a deeper way. This, in part, is the power of thought and pausing on life.

Now, once we gain understanding and know what moves our hearts, then there is the application of persistence. I love what the 3rd scroll in Og Mandeno’s writing of the Greatest Salesman in the World has to say “ I will be likened to the rain drop which washes away the mountain; the ant who devours the tiger; the star which brightens the earth; the slave that builds the pyramid. I will build my castle one brick at a time, for I know that small attempts, repeated will complete the undertaking”

That is so beautiful. We sit, imagine, create in our minds, growing the seeds of inspiration, then, bit by bit we persist in the small consistent habits of our success, while keeping our eyes open to what comes into our vibration.

Before we know it, all things align and we begin to see the power we possess. I am still moving in that direction. However, the foundation of faith, as mentioned in Hebrews 11, is the evidence from former times, it is all around us, so, as I sit with this, I know that i have already acted in faith while raising my children differently from where I came from. I raised them in a vision I formed in my own mind, and then I engaged in the activities and community to achieve my vision and outcome and it happened that way! I already have the evidence, and now I get to apply this with intention again, and know it works always. However, I must call it in. I must focus on the main thing with enthusiasm and integrity. I must be willing to stretch, I am not done yet, even in my later years and do this for the greater purpose, my bigger vision which I share with so many. Thank you for reading xoxo

Meet Laura Greco

I love being in nature, spending time with children, (my granddaughter), and family and friends. I love deep and meaningful conversations that up level life experience. I am the founder of Full Life Wellness LLC and The Resilient Mama Movement. As a mom of 4 (and more) I am keenly aware of the importance of the parenting experience. My passion is to inspire and empower moms, so that she can mentor her children and, the future of our planet, from her overflow in ‘response' to life and stand in here resilience.

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  • Laura – your insights intrigued me – standing in one room with certain beliefs and in another with others. I can relate to this as hats – one religion hat and one spirituality hat, and yes, its false. Thanks for opening my eyes!

  • Hi Stefanie, thank you, I am so grateful that this has spoken to you. and, thank you for sharing . xoxo. it is a matter of widening my love and letting it flow into all areas of my life…without judgement,, we achieve so much xoxo

  • thank you Joan, it is so interesting to become more aware…I have often asked myself why something seems to be “not working”. this awareness helps me see that it’s always working, it is just a matter of observing and adjusting into more of what I want, expanding my love even further and letting it flow into all places in my life. xoxoxo

  • Awesome, and thank you. it is your light within…letting your brilliance shine, that is what the world wants more of. xoxo

  • Wow, Laura! I can relate to you in so many ways. I also compartmentalized my faith and promises in God’s word to only certain aspects of my life. Now doing the MKE, I can see how it is all intertwined. I love your blog so much, I had to share it!

  • Hi Laura, Thank you for sharing from your heart. Interesting that you said we seem to put our faith in a place away from where we are, but when combined with where we want to go we have a bigger vision. I agree.

  • Thank you Laura for sharing! I, too, love that paragraph in GS. It’s so inspiring and makes me feel like no matter how small I am in the world, I can still accomplish anything greater than myself.

  • I just love the way you describe your experience with week 11, Thank you, Laura. Love and gratitude

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