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All Creation is held together by immutable laws and immovable principles. If I choose to operate outside of these facts via free will, I shall encounter the inevitable effect of discord. My desire guides my action. I am desirous of peaceful, harmonious conditions in mind and experience.

Still, I have witnessed that my grasping after perceived security and approval has not led me to the state of being I seek indefinitely. As that is so, it reveals a flaw in my programming and must indicate a need to refine my wants in accordance with nature and its evident demonstration. I have sought to comfort myself while dismissing the requirement to be a participant in the greater whole for the greater good. So I must stretch my mind further into the Spiritual science; I must love the world and all in it, for I am one of its parts. Making demands for Spiritual growth, insights, and the power to emulate them constantly. The demand will cause the supply.

I must enact the nature of God as a giver, warm and generous, without limits, my opinion, or judgment. Impress my connection to the infinite deeper upon my mind and know my outcome as fulfilled. This is how God thinks, for nothing is a trial, concern, or difficulty for the weaver of Eternity. As I persist in infusing this into my spine and mental atmosphere, charging and recharging that inspiration up, I am evermore aware of the gift that being a master of self truly is. I must create and relish ideas and images of neighbor helping neighbor, man helping earth, propelling thought into thought and its infinite depths, watch the revelations rise, and grow evermore fond and appreciative of this journey into source.

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  • Ego demands and the Universe rebels. Ask from the truth of who you are and you will receive. A lesson I learned from some very special teachers.

  • When a famous guru (his name escapes me) what he thought about all the war and other terrible things happening right then, his answer, “Not in my world.” Another great blog from the pen of Gregory! 🙂

  • I so appreciate your gift with words, Greg. I especially love this sentence: “This is how God thinks, for nothing is a trial, concern, or difficulty for the weaver of Eternity.” With these words of yours it’s so easy to see myself as a weaver who also thinks nothing is a trial, concern, or difficulty… Thank you!

  • Deep, insightful post Gregory. Thanks for sharing. The demand causes the supply- cheering you on as you continue to explore your Hero’s Journey.

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