MKE Week 11 – Persistence In Spite Of Distractions

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I was awoken early this morning with an epiphany about Persistence, while I was sleeping. Looking for pen and paper to write down what it was all about.

After finding pen and paper, I thought about how the first paragraph in Scroll III is stating about the bull.

“In the Orient young bulls are tested for the fight arena in a certain manner. Each is brought to the ring and allowed to attack a picador who pricks them with a lance. The bravery of each bull is then rated with care according to the number of times he demonstrates his willingness to charge in spite of the sting of the blade.”

The epiphany had slipped my mind by the time I found the pen and paper, so I wrote down Persistence in spite of distraction. I have faith that it will come back to me when the time comes that it is needed. This made me think that we are always being tested with distractions of all kinds. Then we end up using the distractions as excuses, if we let them.

I will persist until I succeed.
I always keep my promises, Phil Seay

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  • Sounds like me! Let’s make a deal – we both keep pen and paper on the bedside table to record those magnificent insights that so often come as we arise!

  • Excellent post Phil, you will succeed as I know you can. Persistence is the key. You’ve got this!

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