MKE Week 11 – Passed the mental gridlock and on the open road

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Linking the colours, shapes and affirmations has been an exciting week for me. As I have been on the road more than usual, I have been noticing the shapes the I haven’t seen as often as I do while driving around town.

I easily see the red circle everywhere I go, as this was the easiest of shape and colour to see. Grocery stores, food packaging, at almost at every turn of life I could see the colour and have it linked to true health.

The blue rectangle was much easier to see when driving around southern Ontario, as every town has a blue sign, and when I see the sign, I mentally see liberty. All those people could be a potential partner in my business, so I see the future that is available in front of me, literally at every turn.

As for the yellow square, they were more obscure in finding, but as you observe more, you see more. I did find the yellow square, but they were mounted 45 degrees off what I had in my mine as what a square should be. Now that I really see yellow everywhere, including the lines painted on the road and yes, the golden arches too. I also see the road to time freedom and working from home. It has been like I have been on the yellow brick road all the time but just didn’t see it.

And then there was the green triangle, that was hidden to me until I found in the mastermind area, another fellow Canadian who found the triangle in looking at pine trees. WOW. Now I see them everywhere, but I have also found them at the start and end of every guard rail when crossing bridges on the country roads. How did I miss all of this?

What this tells me is that I have been going through the motions but not being a great observer of life. This MKE has me seeing other things in life that are giving me messages, supporting my new blueprint. These new results that I am having, (without the understanding that every cause has an effect, which then becomes a cause itself) I would not have a clue of why this good luck seems to be happening. I now know that living a life of purpose means that this new reality I am having was the only outcome of my thinking. I can’t wait to see what the next week has in store for me.

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  • Great post! Thanks so much for helping me getting me back on track with the colors and the symbols!

  • Great observations! – I agree on the green triangles being the most hidden – once you see one, they are everywhere!

  • Amazing Michael, for you to see that you have been going through the motions of life but not being a great observer is truly amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  • That feeling when you see shapes and forms linked to your goals, intentions and DMP is really a door opener. Thank you for sharing and reminding me to be more observant of and in life, instead of being in my head.

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