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I think I had become addicted to being late.

In high school my best friend and her boyfriend would pick me up for school every morning and without fail I would stress my best friend out with my lateness.

As I entered the car her boyfriend would turn around and yell LATE as I rolled my eyes before we drove off. Our morning ritual.

Later in college I remember going to a party and being recognized as “the girl who always comes in late with a skateboard.” I know you.

Assignments were always turned in, but at the very last moment, and if there was a loophole to get more time, I would find it and utilize it.

More recently I had fallen behind on my coursework. 1 week late, then 2. During a discussion with someone else with the same problem, I suggested they look at is an identity problem.

If you identify as being the type of person who is habitually late, your actions will support that.

So. I am an on-time kinda person. I am the type of person who is right on schedule. It feels great.

What has that done for me? Well so far I have caught up. No longer 2 weeks behind, I am only .75 behind and closing in on perfectly on time. No longer procrastinating, now I get it done!

Because that’s just who I am. How good!

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  • Way to go on recognizing that and taking action to change your identity, Aschel! That’s huge, and will better serve you for the future!

  • That’s great Aschel, being the observer and doing the work, and getting better all the time!

  • Congrats on getting over that old, nasty habit and peptide addiction. Not an easy thing to do, but you are doing it! Keep up that new good habit of yours, always being on time. Feels good doesn’t it!

  • Keep on practicing, Aschel. You are still .75 behind, and this sounds like something requiring perfect practice — and lots of it. You’re definitely headed in the right direction though. Nice! 😉

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