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I’ve always heard people say, Knowledge is Power, but now I know, It is Applied Knowledge that is Powerful! MKE has thought of everything! I would go about my life doing things, but never thinking they were any big deal, sometimes feeling like I was an imposter, for example, when I went back to college in my early 30’s, I never thought I could graduate, but I did, and still couldn’t give myself the credit I deserved for accomplishing that! I felt like that person wasn’t even me, because the me, I knew, couldn’t have done that!

When I did the exercise and started writing down all the things I have accomplished successfully! I was shocked at all the cards I was able to write out, and that changed a whole lot! I found a new confidence! So cool to look back and group all the accomplishments together like that!

Reading my one sentence DMP for 50 mins, I memorized it, I can say it out loud with Enthusiasm all day, and I’m going to add that.. I can be what I will to be, to it! I am 100% excited to be on this path!

What we think about grows! I Love how powerful that is and also how tricky that can be when some days I might waver on the negative, but now Im aware! and I can give my thought a new meaning! Voila! With “Faith as small as a mustard seed, we can move mountains”! Matthew 17:20

Meet Maria Rose McNamara

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  • Hey Maria! This is one of my favourite activities too! Every single time I sit and do it, I feel like its a new world! I’m so excited you feel the same!! RUN with that feeling <3

  • I can feel your excitement through the ether and I totally resonate. What a great path we have chosen. Thanks for sharing, you inspire!

  • Loved the blog, and yes, APPLIED knowledge is power. That got my attention when we were introduced to that distinction. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yay! I still have to do the exercise from Sunday, but I’m grateful for your victories. Thanks for sharing!

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