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Life is a learning experience, only if you learn.

Yogi Berra

I love when life’s happenings are lessons within messages. I’ve had so many of these over this week following the BOOM. I have patiently & quietly watched my decisions come to fruition. This quote from Yogi has brought such peace to me this week as I have moved forward in expanding, learning & growing this week. I have been seeking messages in everything this week, seeking it’s lesson.

Many extremely difficult attacks happened this week & I just handled them in stride & one situation at a time with peace, patience & love. They weren’t easy, but the handling of each one was such a powerful blessing. I have been able to slowly retrain my subby & my emotions & feelings to seek peace, patience & love from the very beginning of each circumstance. It hasn’t been easy, but with God & Stefanie, it has definitely made me a better person & friend day by day.

My confidence is growing without the backbone of my former ego. The peace, through this process is amazing.

I always keep my promises & I am succeeding consistently & proficiently.

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  • Ty so much Stefanie! I know you are & I am so proud of you & us on this life changing journey! I agree 😉

  • Good one Jake! Such a good quote. I need a reminder of that as well. To actually learn from the experiences. 😊

  • Love this Jake and I’m very proud of you! This has been a challenging week for sure, and our former selves would be amazed at how we handled it. 🙂

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