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I have found this journey much more exciting than I had planned, however, it has been a lack of a push on my part, as well as some unexpected happenings in my life, for the delay in receiving the full gift of what the MKE can provide.

I’ve had little breakthroughs here and there but what excites me is I can see what is possible when fully committed to this thing. The beauty of it all is that this is a never-ending journey and just because it hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped for or planned to date, I know that the process never ends and that we always have the opportunity to be better and improve, and really isn’t that what is necessary in living your best life!

The growth is exciting and challenging. I love the sitting exercises but too often have found myself not putting in the time that it truly needs to receive that full experience, as well as to improve my craft in perfecting what I am capable of.

Often it is truly a lack of available time for me but even on the days when I can take the time, the time spent is definitely not as much as it should be. That’s unfortunate because in the end, it’s not just me that is losing out on the benefits, but everyone and anyone that I can impact by me becoming the best version of myself.

I absolutely love the lesson of give more, get more but if I’m honest, one thing I’ve never really been good with is giving. Sharing and even in the sense of giving someone money hasn’t really ever been an issue. In particular, what I’m referring to targets more with knowledge or an experience I may have simply because I don’t feel that it would necessarily benefit anyone that I’m speaking with. Now perhaps there is a hidden blessing with that as the past few weeks I have constantly been working on the exercise of eliminating my opinions and negative thinking around anything, and had I shared in the past, it’s definitely a possibility that it could have come across in a negative or arrogant way.

That being said, I know there is definitely things I can share with others to help benefit them, and it isn’t necessarily to get more for myself, but in my heart, I truly want to have a positive impact on others as I walk through this life and the only way I can do that, is simply by constantly giving.

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