MKE Week 11 – I rejoice over my life

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So many aspects of this class has kept me on course; from the service card with my past victories, my DMP, OATS and 7 day mental diet. All of it is working together for my good.

My PPNs are autonomy and helping others. The place I was working that didn’t fit into my desired ended and it abruptly ended. Based on my definite major purpose last week I interviewed and was hired into a position as a housing counselor.

I am so grateful for true health. It was at least 5 years where I was dealing with a debilitating diseases with osteoarthritis in both of my hips, fibroids, sleep apnea and morbidly obese. I remember looking at my vision board seeing photo of physically fit Serena Williams and thinking how, but the finite cannot inform the infinte. So it’s my job to hold the earnest desire and my subconscious does the rest.

I am the gratefullest helper!

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  • It has been my great honor and pleasure getting to know you, Donna and what a blessing to witness your DMP evolving before your eyes. You are truly “a gratefullest helper” as you are inspiring so many of us with your presence and your testimony. Keep on shining your light!

  • Hey Donna you have overcome a lot. I would love to encourage you to do your Meet me post. It feels really good getting it done. I would love to learn more about you.

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