MKE Week 11 – “I am a Powerful Educator”

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It has been a struggle trying to find that definite major purpose in my life. We all tend to say the same thing – “I want to help people.. I want to help people… I want to help people” (LOL) and although there is genuine truth behind that statement, that task of narrowing exactly how we want to help people can be very daunting.

I can remember being a little kid in school and the teacher telling us, “You can be whatever it is you want to be,” during a class lesson about careers. It was fun playing the role of a doctor or even a nurse, but as I got older those dreams seemed so far away to achieve. Why does life get so complicated and we stop having the capability to dream or even possess creativity?

MKE has allowed me to use a part of my brain I haven’t used in decades. I truly believe that we are all connected and put on this earth to find our purpose in life. After attending the “Find Your Purpose” workshop, I am happy to say that I have discovered, “I am a Powerful Educator” passionately teaching others about financial literacy.

The word “powerful” can have a negative connotation depending on how it’s used, but this word resonates with me because it has been a force I have felt lacking in my life. Whether it be from self-control, self-discipline, or autonomy, I want to be able to control my mind so I can positively influence others and not in a cult-like or manipulative kind of way. Leaders are influential. I have been battling “powerful” vs “passionately” so who knows- I might change my decision after my sit. Lol.

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  • That’s great Hanalei – I like the word Powerful – think of all the people you can help by being a Powerful Educator! But yes, it is okay to change that as well. I completely changed my two words the second time I did that exercise:)

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