MKE Week 11 – Fire and wire, that’s not just a desire…,

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Fire and wire, that’s not just a desire…,

One’s subconscious mind has no clue what has happened and what was simply an imagined event! Because of this we can all do something much different than what’s been the norm or what we’d been taught or what was just habit.

It’s when one uses the application of that knowledge that it leads them into something that they’ve been able to make or create happening up until that point. Take a moment or two to reflect on that last sentence.

How powerful is that, if true? Ok, I’ll help with that question, it is indeed true, just as many of us are beginning to not only realize, but to also experience in our lives!

I recalled something we did or do in Law Enforcement called simunitions. Here’s what we would do: we begin by simply placing our trust in that training, just as we’re placing our trust in the MKE. I didn’t know all the things that I know now, back when we were doing the simunitions.

Basically we would participate in various drills or fake events with the idea that we were to pretend that it was a real event. By doing them that way it instilled all the emotions of a real event happening, thus causing our adrenaline and heart rates increase.

By doing them in that manner and trusting in that training, it prepared us for real life events in a way in which we would’ve never been able to otherwise!

Through the experiences of real life events that came to be after that training, I know without a doubt that it not only worked, but it saved lives! Our minds did not know the difference between those simunitions and reality and that is what prepared our future selves for what could or would come to be.

That is where I’m seeing the things that are coming ever present today as a result of having trust and faith in MKE and the processes they use in order to effect and affect my future me before that me has ever come to be!!!

Finding our definitive or definite major purpose (DMP) in life will allow us to begin to shift into what we were truly designed for. This isn’t us becoming what someone or something or our society said we would become. Instead, this is us becoming what we were truly created by God for!

There’s a realization that comes with discovering that that has an emotional attachment to one’s soul!

Take a moment to think about that. Think about the differences that the discovery of your true purpose would bring you versus what you’ve experienced thus far. Is that crazy? Nope, it’s not by any means at all! Are you ready for that? I knew that I needed something more than what was me, but had no clue how much MKE would really bring my true self into the present and future!

Thoughts are connected to emotions, but when we connect a chosen feeling to a self created thought about any specific thing, it’s then that we truly begin to become that architect of our own being! You get to become the architect of your future you! That’s huge!

And once you begin to see the realities of your creation beginning to show up in your present you, That’s the beginning of your Bliss!

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  • love how your art of simunitioning is architecting your future you & making it present 🙂

  • Wow, what a powerful blog, Drew! Thank you for sharing your great insights. I love how you said that “You get to become your own architect of your future you”.

  • OMG thanks for sharing Andrew! That got me fired up. You basically said what I was trying to say in my week 11 blog, haha, so happy for u!

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